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We’re here to help you navigate your cybersecurity journey

Since 2001, we’ve ensured a strong cybersecurity posture for every client through threat resolution and security recommendations in the pursuit of zero cyber risk.

Shield over computer

When people, processes, and technology work together, we can better protect our digital way of life.

Resolve and remediate cybersecurity threats through full-cycle management. Actionable intelligence provides valuable insight for improving your cybersecurity posture.

What Problem Can We Help You Solve?

Managed Open XDR

A single platform to unify your entire security stack.

managed SIEM

Managed SIEM

Detection, investigation, and resolution of your security alerts.

managed SIEM


Team of cybersecurity experts that bolster your existing security team or supplement light IT staff.

managed infrastructure and firewall

Managed Infrastructure & Firewall

Support and monitoring of your firewall and overall security.

managed endpoint detection & response

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Prevention and visability to protect you from a breach.

vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Evaluation of your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and security gaps.

Services at a Glance

Essential Core Services (ECS)

Businesses with smaller IT environments looking to improve security poster.

Gain access to best-in-class people, workflows, and reporting. Work with our team meet compliance requirements while being mindful of your budget.

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Secure devices

Premium Services

Businesses with a larger IT environment in need of a hands on partner for ongoing, complex protection and support.

Meet larger IT environment needs with a white-glove, scaled solution that supports more devices, investigations, and/or events per second (EPS).

Consulting Services

Businesses that need one-time support or implementation of a cybersecurity project.

Your changing business deserves focused attention to implementing one-time engagements at an expert level. These services can include Health Checks, Data Centre Optimization and Cloud services, and more.

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Explore Current Cybersecurity Topics

Top 5 Financial Industry Cyber Attacks

Top 5 Financial Industry Cyber Attacks

Summary The financial services industry faces significant pressure from a cybersecurity perspectiveThe top cyber attacks in the financial industry include phishing, ransomware, DDoS attacks, local file inclusion, and insider threats (users or employees)Being proactive...

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7 Common Types of Security Scans (& What They Tell You)

7 Common Types of Security Scans (& What They Tell You)

Summary The most common types of cybersecurity scans today are virus/malware scans, network port scans, penetration tests, rogue access point scans, program bug scans, vulnerability scans, and user permission-level scans.These scans provide important insight and...

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Where XDR Fits in Your Security Posture

Where XDR Fits in Your Security Posture

Summary XDR provides holistic protection of your network and connected devices vs. operating in a silo with fragmented security productsUsing artificial intelligence and machine learning, XDR will be constantly improving and evolving within your environment with...

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Reach out to improve your cybersecurity posture. From the first touchpoint to ongoing managed services, our expert team is available to support your organization as it grows.