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Your Healthcare MSSP

With a critical need to keep patient data secure, your network infrastructure and endpoint devices must be more than compliant – they must be secure.

Managed IT & Cybersecurity Solutions That Make for Healthy Networks

All it took was a pandemic for remote work to really take off in the healthcare industry. Is your network doing its job of keeping your team productive and patient data safe in the wake of increasing threats and a wider digital footprint?

HIPAA Compliance & Patient Privacy

HIPAA is more than alphabet soup – for many organizations, it represents a potential liability.

Achieving and maintaining compliance can be frustrating, especially if your needs are atypical or complex, but you don’t have to go it alone. We can help.

Our experience and understanding of both the industry and regulations make us an invaluable and uniquely capable managed services provider.

Always On, Always Watching, Always Protected

Our global network engineering and cybersecurity team maintain a vigilant posture 24/7/365, with industry-leading SLA’s and rapid response times.

Stay Secure in Today’s Multi-Device World

Cybersecurity needs in healthcare have rapidly evolved over the past decade. As new technologies emerge and gain adoption, healthcare networks and the devices that live within them become more complex.

From x-ray machines to the glucometer, everything in the modern medical office is interconnected. Our solutions achieve compliance and ensure data security across all your endpoint devices.

Trust a Managed Services Provider That Understands the Healthcare Industry

We have more than two decades of experience on the digital front lines, and more than a decade of experience in healthcare.

Our experience has taught us what our clients expect from us in terms of communication, responsiveness, capability, and flexibility. Being a leading managed services provider means being there when our clients need us.

Case Studies

Supporting a Large Regional Health Center

This organization was directed by their steering committee to find an engaged partner to provide threat intelligence. They needed a variety of security solutions that could be wrapped up in a single managed security services partner they could trust. This organization required the following security solutions: threat intelligence, patch management, log correlations, and remidiation.

Through the partnership with VirtualArmour this client was about to focus their efforts on critical security needs while having us do the heavy lifting in the background. This helped them keep their costs in check while greatly expanding the level of security they receive.

We freed up their resources to do other IT/Organization related activities– a win/win for everyone.

Keeping a Large Health Insurance Provider Safe

This insurance provider was looking for a threat intelligence platform that would offer a tailored solution that provided ongoing monitoring, updating, and tuning of their environments. In effect, they wanted a partner to enhance their security posture.

With limited in-house resources, they knew they were struggling in these areas. We were the right fit because we provided factual information and limited the number of false positives they were receiving.

By reducing noise, we also reduced stress and “make work” tasks while increasing overall security effectiveness.

Ready to take charge of your network & lock-down your security? So are we.

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We Make it Easy to Work Together

Leveraging our expertise across a broad set of industries, we work collaboratively with you to identify your needs, determine a solution, and then implement it. From the first touchpoint to ongoing managed services, our team is available to support your organization as it grows.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Deploying Hardware & Software Solutions From Leading Technology Companies

From ultra-fast, high-user wireless networks to secure remote access VPN, our engineers are able to utilize technology from vendors including Cisco, Juniper Networks, IBM QRadar, and more.

See our full list of technology partners.

User & Patient Privacy

We Deploy Secure Networks Without Compromising User Experience

You don’t have to be a technology specialist to know that difficult systems don’t get used like they are supposed to.

That’s why we deploy networks that prioritize security while offering an easy experience for users, facilitating adoption and proper useage.

Rapid Response Times

Always There When You Need Us

With networking engineers and cybersecurity specialists located in both the United States and the United Kingdom, we can provide global 24/7/365 protection and respond within minutes of an anomaly.

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