Security Information &
Event Management (SIEM)

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) is a robust cyber security technology that provides organizations with a centralized platform for collecting, analyzing, and managing security-related data. SIEM systems aggregate data from various sources—including network devices, servers, applications, and endpoints—to identify and respond to security incidents and threats. They use correlation and pattern recognition to detect abnormal activities and generate real-time alerts. SIEM tools are essential for proactive threat detection, incident response, compliance reporting, and security monitoring. They enable organizations to gain a holistic view of their security posture and enhance their ability to protect sensitive data and systems from cyber attacks.

Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Extended Detection & Response (XDR) extends EDR and SIEM principles to enable automated responses to identified threats, vastly shortening time to action and enhancing the security footprint. Many platforms—especially EDR systems—have begun including XDR functionality; however, the definition of XDR is not yet standardized across the industry. The most effective XDR systems function as a next-generation SIEM and integrate seamlessly with other platforms to extend the value of XDR across the full ecosystem, rather than limiting it to a single vendor platform.

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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR / MDR)

Managed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Managed Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

VirtualArmour’s SIEM / XDR service includes:

Platform deployment, configuration, and management

Log source setup and maintenance

24/7/365 monitoring

Incident response

VirtualArmour’s SIEM / XDR partners:

VirtualArmour utilizes the industry’s leading platforms and evolves our offering as the technology landscape changes, helping to ensure the highest level of security for our clients.

Primary SIEM / XDR partners:

VirtualArmour can often support other platforms, as requested.

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