Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is a cyber security practice that involves systematically scanning and assessing an organization’s computer systems, networks, and software applications to identify potential security weaknesses or vulnerabilities. These scans are typically conducted using specialized tools that examine configurations, code, and system components for known vulnerabilities or misconfigurations.

The goal of vulnerability scanning is to proactively discover security flaws before malicious actors can exploit them. Once identified, organizations can take necessary measures to patch or mitigate these vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of security breaches. Vulnerability scanning is a fundamental component of an organization’s security program, helping to maintain a strong security posture and protect sensitive data and critical systems from cyber attacks.

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Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR / MDR)

Managed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Managed Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

VirtualArmour’s vulnerability scanning service includes:

Platform setup and configuration

Minimum monthly scanning
Continuous scanning for identified critical assets
Remediation for devices under VirtualArmour management
Analysis of results and remediation recommendations

VirtualArmour’s vulnerability scanning partners:

VirtualArmour utilizes the industry’s leading platforms and evolves our offering as the technology landscape changes, helping to ensure the highest level of security for our clients.

Primary vulnerability scanning partners:

VirtualArmour can often support other platforms, as requested.

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