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Premium Managed IT & Cybersecurity Services

Our premium services are a white-glove solution to meet your more complex and larger IT environment needs. Solutions are scaled to fit your level of need – whether that means your level of involvement needed from a trusted outside managed cybersecurity resource or simply more devices, investigations, and/or EPS.

We Work With Organizations of All Sizes to Support Their IT & Networking Needs

Today’s global threats require constant vigilance. Our team follows the sun, ensuring that we have engineers available 24/7/365. From fintech to nonprofits, your team can rely on ours.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Securing your endpoints is critical in today’s remote-work era. Our managed endpoint services provide you with peace of mind and operational flexibility.

Learn more about our endpoint detection & response services.

A Forward-Thinking Approach to Endpoint Protection

Remote work has forever changed how IT departments and cybersecurity teams need to approach the endpoint, especially considering how many organizations allow employees to bring their own devices. Securing these endpoints is critical, especially when they have access to sensitive customer or company data.

Managed Detection & Response

Our team works proactively, leveraging our advanced threat intelligence technologies and an experienced corps of cybersecurity engineers. Your devices have never been this safe.

Application Whitelisting/Blacklisting

Gain access to real-time threat-feeds, along with hands-on management that keeps the right applications running and malicious applications blocked.

Applying Endpoint Policies

Our next-generation endpoint protection solutions provide continuous breach protection. We provide constant prevention, detection, visibility, and intelligence, so you can be protected before, during and even after a breach.

Managed SIEM

Our team of cybersecurity engineers will manage your events and alerts to provide you with actionable intelligence and remediation. We will validate, confirm, and add context to offenses before alerting your team.

Learn more about our managed SIEM services.

Threat Review

Identification of vulnerabilities in your environment before they can be exploited.

Report on Results

A list of devices will be provided that need to be patched and recommended next steps/actions to be taken.

Full Technical Report

Threat hunting on select devices 24x7x365, freeing up your staff to focus on other things.

Managing Your SIEM Environment

Our team handles all aspects of your SIEM, including:

  • Reduce detection time
  • Prevention of malware execution and account credential theft
  • Rapid threat containment and breach isolation
  • Detect malicious actors probing inside your network
  • Prevent data loss and data exfiltration
  • User Behavioral Analytics (UBA) to detect abnormal outliers
  • Full security incident analysis and response

Managed Infrastructure & Firewall

Securing your network begins with your firewall. Our managed firewall services ensure that your entire network is secure, and ongoing monitoring ensures it says that way.

Learn more about our managed infrastructure and firewall services.

Taking Charge of Your Network Security

From increased security efficacy by re-designing security policies to reduce security gaps to advanced firewall configuration and network monitoring, our team is here to support yours.

Firewall Monitoring

As part of our managed security services, our engineers actively monitor your firewall and overall security – 24/7/365.

Firewall Tuning

We update firewall policies/rules as new threats are identified, ensuring that your network remains up to date and secure.


Patch Management

We ensure your firewalls are always up to date and secure, managing patch roll-outs to minimize hassle and downtime.

A Simple & Effective Firewall Solution

Our team handles all aspects of your firewall, including:

  • Support – Configuration and implementation support
  • Monitoring – Real-time health monitoring and expert response to threats
  • Troubleshooting – Resolution of connectivity issues and broken applications
  • Updates – Device management and upgrades
  • Reporting – Weekly firewall activity reports

Vulnerability Scanning

This service provides an evaluation of your infrastructure for software/firmware vulnerabilities and an evaluation of device configurations for security gaps.

Vulnerability Scanning integrates with SIEM platform for additional data enrichment and context of alerts.

Learn more about our vulnerability scanning services.

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