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Virtual Armour

Managed Infrastructure & Firewall

Having the right network infrastructure and toolsets is key to a healthy, secure, and reliable network. The team of networking and cybersecurity engineers at VirtualArmour provide 24/7/365 real-time protection and firewall monitoring.

Taking Charge of Your Network Security

From increased security efficacy by re-designing security policies to reduce security gaps to advanced firewall configuration and network monitoring, our team is here to support yours.

firewall monitoring

Firewall Monitoring

As part of our managed security services, our engineers actively monitor your firewall and overall security – 24/7/365.

firewall tuning

Firewall Tuning

We update firewall policies/rules as new threats are identified, ensuring that your network remains up to date and secure.

patch management

Patch Management

We ensure your firewalls are always up to date and secure, managing patch roll-outs to minimize hassle and downtime.

A Simple & Effective Firewall Solution

Our team handles all aspects of your firewall, including:

  • Support – Configuration and implementation support
  • Monitoring – Real-time health monitoring and expert response to threats
  • Troubleshooting – Resolution of connectivity issues and broken applications
  • Updates – Device management and upgrades
  • Reporting – Weekly firewall activity reports

Essential Core Services

An economical service offering enabling companies to establish a solid firewall infrastructure supporting up to 75 devices and a fixed block of troubleshooting tickets.

We work with your team and remain compliant while being mindful of your budget.

Managed Infrastructure and Firewall Services are now attainable through Essential Core Services, addressing the diverse needs of today’s businesses.

Device Management

Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting  

Configuration changes and deployments 

Maintenance, patching and upgrading 

Ensuring availability and uptime 

Providing Tier 1-3 technical assistance (TAC) for our technology partners 

Reporting and visibility

In-Scope Devices




Access Points and Wireless Controllers 

SSL VPN Appliances


Any anomalies detected based on service level will issue a troubleshooting ticket to be triaged, analyzed and investigated to determine the root cause of the issue.

Any change, modification or removal of devices issues a change request ticket.

Types of Tickets Issued

Troubleshooting Ticket

Change Request Ticket

Managed Infrastructure & Firewall

Entry Level

Premium Level


Up to 75*


Troubleshooting/Change Request Tickets

Up to 40*


Managed Routers/Switches, Firewall, VPN


* Depending on package selection.

Managed Infrastructure & Firewall


Up to 75*

Troubleshooting/Change Request Tickets

Up to 40*

Managed Routers/Switches, Firewall, VPN



Troubleshooting/Change Request Tickets


Managed Routers/Switches, Firewall, VPN


* Depending on package selection.

Ready to take charge of your network & lock-down your security? So are we.

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Providing Next-Generation Professional Services

Growing companies, busy teams, and fast-paced organization need a managed services provider that they can rely on. We have spent more than 20 years learning how to best support our clients, and we’d love to demonstrate what that means.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Deploying Hardware & Software Solutions From Leading Technology Companies

From ultra-fast, high-user wireless networks to secure remote access VPN, our engineers are able to utilize technology from vendors including Cisco, Juniper Networks, IBM QRadar, and more.

See our full list of technology partners.

Staying in Front of Today’s Threats

We Invest in Continuous Learning to Ensure That Our Team Remains at the Forefront of Cybersecurity

The world moves too fast to become complacent. When you let your foot off the gas, you don’t just get passed – you get rammed from behind!

In this rapidly changing environment, staying informed on industry trends is important.

Rapid Response Times

Responding When You Need Us

With networking engineers and cybersecurity specialists located in both the United States and the United Kingdom, we can provide global 24/7/365 protection and respond within minutes of an anomaly.

Specializing in Multiple Industries

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