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Virtual Armour

Vulnerability Scanning

We stay on top of your network and potential security risks so you don’t have to. Our global monitoring infrastructure provides your business with real-time 24/7/365 protection.

Proactive Oversight That Keeps You Secure

A more brazen bad-actor and an emboldened cybercriminal, aided by both time and increased opportunity, is part of our new normal. Our team monitors network activity, actively seeking out threats and ensuring your network remains secure.

siem health check

Health Check

Identification of vulnerabilities in your environment before they can be exploited.

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report on results

Report on Results

We identify vulnerabilities and security gaps. Provide a list of devices that need to be patched and recommended next steps or actions to be taken.

proactive incident response

Managing Your SIEM Environment

Full technical support for threat hunting on select devices 24x7x365, freeing up your staff to focus on.

How Does VirtualArmour Help?

Maintain Visibility Into Your Infrastructure

VirtualArmour launched an upgraded version of its CloudCastr client portal.

The portal acts as a dashboard for VirtualArmour’s managed security services and provide detailed information on threat intelligence, device health, threat mapping, and support ticketing.

The threat intelligence service is provided through the CloudCastr portal which offers a ’10k foot’ view of the global state of affairs of security, and a map view of the current threats.

Security Information and Event Management

Most SIEM platforms have default security policies in place out-of-the-box, but VirtualArmour’s experience in managing these technologies enables us to write hundreds of custom rules that ensure anomalous behavior is identified with the lowest possible false-positive rate.

Alerts are then contextualized with additional event information within the SIEM and infused with threat intelligence. A SIEM platform is only useful when there are relevant and accurate security rules/policies.

VirtualArmour creates and manages all rules and policies in the SIEM environment based on the needs of our client.

Vulnerability Scanning

We can provide one-time engagements for Vulnerability Scanning or on-going managed services.

This service provides an evaluation of your infrastructure for software/firmware vulnerabilities and an evaluation of device configurations for security gaps.

Vulnerability Scanning integrates with SIEM platform for additional data enrichment and context of alerts.

SIEM Health Check

We will evaluate and review an existing SIEM deployment.

The health check audits security policies and rules for alert generation, reviews asset inventory for silent or misconfigured log sources, and reviews historical data to look for repeating security incidents.

A report will be generated with the results of findings and a list of recommendations to bring the client SIEM environment in alignment with industry best practices.

Managed SIEM

Our Managed SIEM service provides management of security events and alerts by using actionable intelligence and remediation. Our team will validate, confirm, and add context to offenses before alerting your team. This service analyzes and investigates potential threats to identify malicious activity.

  • Reduce detection time: avg. reduction from 146 days to a few hours
  • Prevention of malware execution and theft of account credentials
  • Rapid threat containment and breach isolation
  • Prevent and detect malicious actors probing inside your network
  • Detect data loss and data exfiltration
  • User Behavioral Analytics (UBA) to detect abnormal outliers
  • Full security incident analysis and response

Ready to take charge of your network & lock-down your security? So are we.

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Managed Services You Can Count On

Let’s admit it: the world is changing, and it’s changing faster than most of us can keep up with. Our team specializes in managed IT and cybersecurity solutions, focusing on staying on top of the incredible pace of change tied to working with technology. Our team is here to support yours.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Deploying Hardware & Software Solutions From Leading Technology Companies

From ultra-fast, high-user wireless networks to secure remote access VPN, our engineers are able to utilize technology from vendors including Cisco, Juniper Networks, IBM QRadar, and more.

See our full list of technology partners.

One Less Change to Worry About

We Invest in Continuous Learning to Ensure That Our Team Remains at the Forefront of Cybersecurity

Just as Covid-19 rewrote the book on what remote collaboration really means, emboldened and more brazen bad actors are making sure that cybersecurity engineers always have something to do!

Rapid Response Times

Available When You Need Us

With networking engineers and cybersecurity specialists located in both the United States and the United Kingdom, we can provide global 24/7/365 protection and respond within minutes of an anomaly.

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