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Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability management minimizes the risk of malicious actors exploiting a security vulnerability by systematically scanning and resolving vulnerabilities in your environment.

Designed to give you peace of mind.

We stay on top of your network and evolving security risks, so you don’t have to. Our global monitoring infrastructure provides your business with real-time 24/7/365 protection. Vulnerability management can keep you safe from evolving security exploits and meet the growing number compliance/regulatory requirements. VirtualArmour will systematically identify, evaluate, treat, and report any known security vulnerabilities within your environment.

Assess Your Environment for Security Gaps


Review of Assets

VirtualArmour will identify known vulnerabilities and security gaps within your environment. A comprehensive list of vulnerabilities will be generated.

Evaluate and Act

After scanning your environment for vulnerabilities, identifying the vulnerabilities, recommendations and next steps will follow. Effective vulnerability management requires prioritization that considers risk, resources, among other factors.

Vulnerability Scanning & Managed SIEM

Get more from Managed SIEM by integrating vulnerability data into the asset database of your SIEM environment. Build a more comprehensive view of IP profiles with imported data from vulnerability scanning. Combining Managed SIEM and Vulnerability Management enables you to create smarter rules within your SIEM, leading to saved time through better alerting.


  • Vulnerability scanning and assessment
  • Endpoint detection and response (endpoint telemetry)
  • Network asset monitoring
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • Endpoint compliance and Host Information
  • Profile (HIP) checks


What are the types of vulnerability scans?

The three primary types of vulnerability scans are discovery, full, and compliance. Discovery scans provide an overview of the different device types on your network and their potential vulnerabilities. Full scans identified every possible network vulnerability in your network, using every available tool and method. Compliance scans are essentially self-performed security audits of your network. These scans focus on the areas of your network you’re required to protect in order to meet government and industry regulations.

How often do vulnerability scans occur?

Vulnerability scans occur quarterly for most businesses, but should ideally be carried out on a monthly basis to ensure assets do not remain exposed between scans. Changes to the infrastructure of your network should also be accompanied by targeted scans to ensure the new changes have not created new vulnerabilities.

How could I benefit from managed vulnerability scanning?

Managed vulnerability scanning takes the work out of performing your own vulnerability scans by making it the responsibility of a qualified third-party organization. Our managed vulnerability scanning services ensure that the right kinds of scans are performed on your network at the right intervals, and free up your IT and cybersecurity personnel to focus on other tasks.

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