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VirtualArmour is a leading provider of managed cybersecurity services for organizations of every kind. Find out more about the threats facing your business and the solutions we recommend.


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Why Does My Organization Need Managed Cybersecurity Services?

Hiring VirtualArmour to provide managed cybersecurity services for your organization gives you the following benefits:

  • Gain access to resources and talent typically too expensive to acquire in-house
  • Free up time for your own IT staff to focus on other vital tasks
  • Ensure you are always protected by the latest and greatest techniques and technologies

Working with us puts your cybersecurity posture in the hands of experts who use the best available tools and decades of combined experience to protect your digital assets. Our services can provide vital cybersecurity support for existing IT staff or take over those responsibilities entirely, freeing up more time and resources for you to grow your business.

How Expensive Are VirtualArmour’s Managed Cybersecurity Services?

Our services are designed to be modular—pick and choose as many as you need to protect your organization adequately. This allows you to find a cost-effective solution for your cybersecurity needs.

We also offer several packages intended for different types of organizations:

  • Essential Core Services (ECS): Recommended for smaller organizations seeking to improve their security infrastructure and meet compliance requirements.
  • Premium Services (ECS): Recommended for larger entities in need of scalable solutions to protect growing IT environments.
  • Consulting Services (ECS): Intended to provide expert level one-time support or implementation of cybersecurity projects. Examples include Health Checks, Data Center Optimization, and Cloud services.

To get a custom cybersecurity recommendation for your organization, along with an accurate representation of the costs involved, please contact us directly.

Why Should I Trust a Third Party Provider with My IT Information?

VirtualArmour has the resources, talent pool, and expertise to protect organizations of all kinds and sizes. While sharing your data with an outside party may feel counterintuitive, you can trust that the safest place for your sensitive information is with our team.

What Cybersecurity Services Does VirtualArmour Offer?

VirtualArmour offers the following services:

We are also available to consult on special projects not listed above. Contact us directly with your inquiries about specific cybersecurity needs or challenges and let us provide you with a custom solution.

What Cybersecurity Services Does My Organization Need?

Not all organizations have a clear picture of what their cybersecurity vulnerabilities are, so it can be difficult to know exactly what products and services you need to move towards a zero-risk environment.

Contacting VirtualArmour to conduct an audit of your security posture is the best way to discover your strengths and weaknesses. We’ll help you make the best use of your IT budget and achieve maximum protection for your organization.

Why Choose VirtualArmour?

VirtualArmour has over 20 years of success providing managed IT and cybersecurity solutions for organizations of all kinds and is ranked on the Cybersecurity 500 list of the World’s Hottest Security Companies.

Our versatility, commitment to excellence, and diverse range of available services allow us to effectively meet the needs of clients in every industry, ranging from sole proprietorships to large corporations and everything in between. Find out what we can do for you.