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What is your Current State of Readiness?

VirtualArmour Team

March 7, 2018

If your board of Directors asked you if your company is prepared for a breach, what would you say?

Review this list of questions to figure out your current state of readiness:

  • Can our current solution help me before, during and after an attack?
  • What can our current solution do if we are already breached and it’s deployed after the breach?
  • Can our current solution tell me how attackers are accessing our environment?
  • Can our current solution tell me who is attacking me?
  • How does our current solution help me protect against, detect and manage future breaches?
  • Will we be alerted and receive assistance if my team misses something important?
  • Can our current solution tell me what files have been exfiltrated?
  • For attacks that don’t use malware, how does our current solution detect the attack?
  • Can our current solution detect if someone is using stolen credentials, or abusing privileges?
  • Does our current solution integrate with our other security tools?

If one of these questions is making you unsure or asking for more you might need to learn more about our Managed Endpoint Protection Services.

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