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Managed Open XDR

VirtualArmour’s Open XDR (Extended Detection and Response) solution delivers a single platform unifying your entire security stack to automatically detect, investigate, and respond to all attack activities.

The Future of Cybersecurity. Today.

Many organizations are struggling with too many tools and vendors, not enough people, and poorly utilized data. This can hinder your ability to quickly respond to threats and attacks. Open XDR delivers a single platform to protect your organization from threats.

All of Your Security Data, Enriched in a Single Language


Integration with All Security Tools

Different vendors and tools were never built to work together. Open XDR was built with the mission to integrate with all your tools. If an integration doesn’t exist, our team will build an integration for your environment.

Normalized Data

Data is collected from integrations and cyber sensors. Let’s work together to make your telemetry more valuable by normalizing and enriching all available data. Finally, your IT and security tools will speak the same language.

Full Picture AI

Once your data is both ingested and normalized, AI correlates the enriched data to provide you with the full picture.


No Vendor Lock-In

Open XDR leverages existing security tools, not forcing you to migrate your security stack to a single vendor.

Flexible Deployment

Deployed on-premise, cloud, or hybrid configuration. Let us help you set up granular access controls and tenant structures to meet the needs of your organization.

Worry Free Growth

Scalable big data infrastructure means you don’t have to worry about volume as you grow.


Pre-built Playbooks

Leverage over 40 pre-built Automated Threat Hunting (ATH) playbooks spanning the entire attack surface – Windows login failures, DNS analysis, Office365 and more.

Customized Actions, Automated Responses

The choice is yours to respond with AI, keep human interaction, or both. Full customization of actions are available when alerts are triggered including a host to open each service ticket.

Alerts with Context

Enriched contextual interflow at your fingertips.


Why do businesses choose Open XDR?

Businesses often choose Open XDR to 1) Replace SIEM, 2) Complement SIEM, 3) Deploy NDR, 4) Convert EDR into XDR, and 5) Transition to a next generation SOC.

I already have a SIEM, why would I consider adding XDR?

Increased visibility into your existing SIEM, putting AI to work for your enterprise, filtering the noise to keep your team focused on what matters most, and eliminating blind spots by integrating siloed tools into a single platform.

What integrations are available?

Open integrations with market leading IT and security tools are available. If there isn’t an existing integration with a mission critical tool, VirtualArmour can add it to the integration suite.

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